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Your Child’s Learning Journey Begins Here

Principals Message:

Welcome to our First Phase website. This website provides information about our school. I hope you find the information on our website helpful as it gives you a sense of who we are.
First Phase, home of the Lions was founded in 2015. Our teachers, staff, students, parents, and the community work in collaborative relationships with each other, accepting and respecting one another while focusing on the vision and mission of our school.
We are committed as a school and as professionals to provide educational opportunities which will help our students be college, career, and life ready.

Here’s looking forward to a successful school year!

Marilyn Santizo-Perez

Additional Message from Owner and Principal:

At First Phase, we recognize the importance of these early educational years, when students are mastering essential skills and discovering their place in the larger world. Our goal is to create a school community that is both welcoming and challenging—a place where children come to learn with a playful spirit and find the confidence to experiment and excel as they grow.

We devote our attention to both academic growth and social-emotional development, knowing that both are essential to our students as scholars and as people. Our teachers work closely together to maintain a strong core curriculum that builds on acquired skills as students progress through each grade. At the same time, our teachers are all dedicated experts, working continually to bring new ideas and methods into their individual subject areas.

At First Phase, we view each child’s education as a partnership in which parents, teachers, and child work together to foster intellectual and personal growth. In the same way, we also consider ourselves in partnership with the larger community, instilling in our students a desire to serve others and to become contributing citizens. We strive to cultivate a respect for others and a powerful curiosity that we hope will travel with our students throughout their lives.

I invite you to attend a fall open house to visit our campus and meet some of our faculty. I look forward to welcoming you in person to First Phase Children’s Academy!

Marilyn Santizo-Perez
First Phase Children’s Academy Director

Mission and Purpose:

  • We will create and live out a shared vision by truly collaborating and growing with one another.
  • We will build a culture rooted in love and acceptance as we journey together towards a common goal.
  • We will encourage and inspire others in order to build them up to reach their full potential.
  • We will take fear out of the equation by empowering others so that no one is afraid to take risks.
  • We will make sure that every student, every teacher, every single person in our school community knows that they are loved, not just for what they do, but for who they are.

Our Purpose

To positively impact students' lives by truly believing they can succeed so that every student is empowered to thrive and reach their full potential.

School Vision:

First Phase School's Belief Statement

TOGETHER: We - the students, parents, teachers, staff, administrator and community members - believe that the philosophy of First Phase School is to prepare ourselves to successfully function in the rapidly changing world in which we live.

SMARTER: We will provide an environment that allows for the development and use of creative and critical thinking skills. These thinking skills are necessary to survive in our rapidly changing world and essential when there are so many options and choices available.

BETTER: We will nurture the emotional part of our students, enhancing each student's self-esteem and values, as well as bringing forth the feeling of caring for others and for the planet. By doing this, we will encourage better self-understanding and better interaction with others.

HIGHER: We will help our children continually strive for improvement and maintain an attitude of excellence in all we do. We will help each student believe that each can make a difference in this world, and give us the gift of hope and the vision of a world that is TOGETHER...Smarter, Better, Higher.

We will accomplish these goals by perfecting these skills, adopting these attitudes, assessing where we are, and being open to changes that need to be made.

First Phase School's Compact

First Phase Compact
Together, Smarter, Better, Higher

First Phase School’s students, parents, teachers and principal will work together to achieve successful student learning. By creating a positive environment for learning in school and at home, we will support our vision of quality education. Together, we can help our children become smarter, do better each day, and strive higher to be college and career ready.

Together, Smarter, Better, Higher

As a parent...
I want my child to achieve. I will encourage my child by doing the following:

  • See that my child is punctual and attends school regularly.
  • Support the school in maintaining proper discipline.
  • Set a time for homework and see that homework is completed.
  • Read with my child, model reading, and encourage reading at home.
  • Monitor and limit my child’s TV viewing and time on the computer and electronic devices.
  • Actively become involved by attending meetings, conferences, and parent sessions.
  • Actively support my child in his/her achievement of the Florida Content and Performance Standards and General Learner Outcomes (GLO)

As a student...
I know it is important that I try my very best in my work. I shall strive to do the following:

  • Attend school regularly and on time.
  • Complete and return homework assignments.
  • Follow school rules of conduct.
  • Come to school with necessary materials and be ready to learn.
  • Seek help when I have problems and have difficulty solving them on my own.
  • Use positive social skills when speaking to and working with others.
  • Put forth my best efforts to achieve the Florida Content and Performance Standards and General Learner Outcomes (GLO)

As a teacher...
I know that it is important that students learn and become responsive citizens. I will strive to do the following:

  • Provide instruction and learning activities which support our school’s goals and the Florida Content and Performance Standards and General Learner Outcomes (GLO)
  • Be supportive and relate positively to students.
  • Provide homework assignments for students.
  • Provide information so that parents can help their children develop responsible homework habits.
  • Provide information about student progress to parents.

As the principal...
I will support this total school involvement. I shall strive to do the following:

  • Provide a learning environment that allows for positive communication between, teacher, parent and student.
  • Encourage teachers to regularly provide homework assignments that will reinforce classroom instruction.
  • Provide a learning environment which is supportive, drug-free, and violence-free and which allows students to achieve the Florida Content and Performance Standards.

This compact is consummated when you and your child sign your name on the first Parent Bulletin indicating that you have read and agreed to the contents of this handbook.

School Policy:

General school Rules:

  • Be punctual, report to school and class on time. School begins at 8:00 a.m. If a student arrives in school after 8:00 he/she needs to report to the office to receive an admit/tardy slip. Students are discouraged from coming to school prior to 6:30a.m. because of lack of adult supervision. Students having breakfast are allowed in the cafeteria at 7:15 am.
  • Strive to be present every school day. In case of absence, parents should call the school in the morning of the absence and notify the teacher in writing upon the student's return to school. 
  • Respect each other at all times. Disagreements will be settled by discussing the problem and seeking a solution that is fair to all concerned. 
  • Buildings and the campus will be kept clean and neat. Do not deface or damage school property. Students who vandalize the school property will make restitution. 
  • Maintain order when moving to different areas. Do not run; running is a frequent cause of injuries.
  • The following are not allowed in school unless prior permission is granted by the school staff:
    • radios, cell phones, pagers and other electrical equipment
    • yoyos, darts, sling shots, and other potentially dangerous toys
    • pets
    • skateboards, roller skates, rollerblades, razors
    • valuables, extra money, computer games, items of sentimental value
    • fireworks, matches
    • weapons or expensive toys
    • gum 
  • Remain within school boundaries at all times. Students leaving the campus must have a Student Pass and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. (Leaving campus without consent is prohibited).
  • Avoid using abusive or profane language and gestures. (Disorderly Conduct is an offense and will result in suspension and or expulsion)
  • Do not climb trees, gates, railings, fences, and the school buildings.
  • Respect the property rights of others.
  • Leave the premises immediately after school duties/responsibilities are completed.
  • Buying/selling of personal items and trading are not allowed.



Disciplinary Guidelines:

We believe that the best kind of discipline is self-discipline, one that comes from within rather than that which is imposed. We believe that discipline is best when it is preventative rather than punitive. In working with children, the staff will use those means that will promote and build good attitudes and respect for others.

Whenever a student violates school rules and shows disregard for their importance, school personnel will institute the consequences or disciplinary actions. The following will be considered:

  1. Students will be counseled in addition to any consequence.
  2. The severity of the infraction will be taken into consideration in determining the specific consequence. For example, a mild infraction may be handled with a reprimand and warning, while other infractions may warrant notification to the parents.
  3. The number of times the offense has been repeated will be taken into account in determining the specific consequence. Progressive discipline will be used for repeat offenders.
  4. Whenever possible, behavior improvement plans will include natural or logical consequences of behavior, e.g. loss of "free-time" privileges, cleaning up of graffiti.
  5. The classroom teacher will refer a student to the administration when efforts to help the student have not altered the offending behavior or when the severity of the offense requires disciplinary measures beyond the classroom.
  6. Lunch will never be revoked for disciplinary reasons.
  7. Corporal punishment will not be used in the school.

Basic Classroom rules:

  1. Be in your assigned seat/location, ready to work when the school bell rings.
  2. Bring paper, pencils, books and all necessary supplies everyday.
  3. Keep hands, feet, body, objects to yourself (HFBO).
  4. Follow Directions
  5. Respect others. Swearing, rude gestures, cruel teasing or put-downs are prohibited.

Recess Rules:

  1. Safety and fair play are essential. Although playground equipment will be supervised by an adult, practice proper use at all times.
  2. Respect each other. Avoid bumping into or hurting others. Rough contact sports and games are not allowed.
  3. Report all accidents to the yard duty teacher or supervisor.
  4. Do not throw rocks, dirt, or anything that may hurt others.
  5. Follow playground equipment rules at all times. Do not jump off playground equipment, take turns and go in the right direction.
  6. "Freeze" when the bell rings. Be sure to situate yourselves with two feet firmly planted on the ground. Remain in the "freeze" position until the whistle blows, then walk back to your classroom.

Cafeteria Procedures:
Teachers will escort classes to the cafeteria. Maintain orderly conduct and do not cut in line.
Check in with Meal Tracker attendant after picking up your lunch and walk to your assigned table.

Table Manners
Walk at all times.
HFBO: Keep hands, feet, body, objects to yourself.
Keep table area clean.
Be respectful.
Use good table manners.
Use quiet voices at all times.

When dismissed by the adult supervisor, walk to the disposal area and dispose items as directed.
Proceed to the assigned area without loitering near the cafeteria or classrooms.

Student Code of Conduct:

Students are expected to attend school regularly and to attend all classes.

Students are expected to be on time for school and classes.

Students are expected to be prepared for and to participate in each class to meet performance standards, to have the necessary class materials, to complete classwork and homework accurately and on time, and to prepare for quizzes, tests and examinations.

Students are expected to be honest, behave with dignity and treat others with respect and courtesy. Behavior of the individual should not interfere with the rights of others. This includes the use of appropriate language, actions and attire. Students are expected not to harass others verbally and physically. Students are expected to come to school free from the influence of tobacco products, alcohol or drugs. Students are expected not to use or possess such substances.

Students are expected to comply with all school rules and to obey all laws. Students are expected to respond in a respectful manner to all adults while under the jurisdiction of the school and while participating in school-sponsored activities.

Students are expected to treat all property belonging to the school and to others with care.

Students are expected to contribute to a safe school environment free from fear. Acts of violence, weapons and contraband are never acceptable.

General Learner Outcomes (GLOs)

GLO 1: Responsibility
Takes responsibility for one's own learning.

GLO 2: Cooperation
Understands that people must work together.

GLO 3: Thinking
Engage in critical thinking and problem solving.

GLO 4: Quality Work
Recognizes and produces quality work.

GLO 5: Communication
Communicates effectively in various situations.

GLO 6: Technology
Uses technology effectively and ethically.

Staff Information:

First Phase is comprised of a variety of personnel that have experience and expertise in areas of education combined we make up about 20-25 years experience working in schools and in the classroom.

All classrooms have one teacher and one classroom assistant. As a team we wear many hats to ensure the safety and enrichment of our students. All staff is CPR/First aid certified, All teachers are degreed with specificities certifications, all school staff is background checked per FDLE AND FDOE screening standards. Support staff although are required to complete several courses of study provided by DCF.

Essentially we want to provide the most quality of educational services available to our students and their families.